Cunningham’s Candies traces its roots back to 1915, when two Greek candy makers immigrated to Minonk, Illinois. They brought their old-world recipes with them and quickly became the area’s premier chocolate confectioner. We continue to use their original recipes and traditional, “hands-on” processes to craft the finest and freshest confections available today.

Minonk’s Cunningham family took over the business in 1976. Sisters Cindy Meyer and Christie Ruestman and their families acquired the business in 1993 and moved it to its current location on Minonk’s historic Main Street.

In the tradition of its artisan founders, Cunningham’s Candies is unique among today’s candy makers because we refuse to use additives and preservatives. We will only put the Cunningham name on candies that are made from the best and freshest ingredients.

Even though you can find us on the Internet and we ship almost anywhere in the world, our chocolates and other candies are still handmade from the freshest ingredients in the old world tradition ... just as they have been for almost a century.

Please call us at 1-800-827-8336 and experience the Cunningham’s Candies tradition for yourself.

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